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Holy Mother Jayanthi ( 05 01 2021)

05.01.21 11:07 AM Comment(s) By Ooty

By the blessings of Sri Ramakrishna, Holy Mother Jayanthi was celebrated with Spiritual fervour in Ramakrishna Math Ooty on January 5th 2021 at the Ramakrishna Math premises.

The celebrations was muted due to covid. 

The day started as usual with the Mangalaarati and Vedic chanting at 6.00 AM. Holy Mother Jayanthi celebrations started with a special pooja at 8.00 AM. Lalitha Shahasranama chanting was recited at 9.00 AM led by Swami Raghaveshanandaji Maharaj which was continued by a discourse on Holy mother, explaining about the importance of Holy Mother’s love and grace to the devotees of Sri Ramakrishna and followed by the chanting of Ramakrishna Archanai. Before the Arati, Bajans were held by Adikaratty Ayyappan Bhajanai kulu. Arati was conducted at 1.00 PM and Pinally the programme ended with the devotees given sumptuous Prasad. 

Around 170 devotees participated in the function. In connection with Holy Mother Jayanthi, Math Sadhus and Volunteers went to a tribal village Chokkana!i in the midst of the forest and a feast was arranged for about 200 people on January 6th 2021, Towels were also distributed to all the people.  

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